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Welcome to the world of Canal Instruments!
We are a sustainable medium-sized family business from Austria.
We attach great importance to the production of high quality glass nail files in Europe.
Our mission is to use only sustainable products based on raw materials and offer the best nail files.
We are always there for our customers to find the optimal product.



art and natural nails!
The canal glass nail file is the best solution when it comes to high quality. No matter at home or on the go, for your fingers or toenails, wheter as a woman or a man. More than 1000 satisfied customers already say this file is a absolute helper for beautiful, shiny and healthy nails.

Umweltzeichen-ENIn our opinion, there is already enough made in China.
Children are our future and it is our responsibility to leave them a healthy earth. That is why we produce our glass nail files in Europe. That saves a lot transport routes, is much more sustainable, ensures fair working conditions and you can be sure that only environmentally friendly production is used. Do you agree with us? Great! With this purchase you not only bought a high-quality glass nail file for guaranteed beautiful nails but also did something good for us all at the same time.


Recommended by the founder and beautician
Angelika Canal!

As a beautician, I wanted to finally bring a product to the market for art and natural nails,
as well as for feet and fingernails which fulfills its function and thereby has performed excellently for a long time.

Step-by-step manicure:

Before starting, wash the nails with soap and dry well!






Step 1
File your nails with your glass nail file.
The fine top is perfect for deposits under the nails.
For the individual and fine care there are two sides with different grits.
The shortening function is thus effective and the nails can be brought into the desired shape.






Step 2:

After filing change to the polishing file.
Use the pink side for a nail peeling. 





Step 3:
Now change to the white side.
File over the nail with fine movements - result: nail varnish effect!
Polishing improves the blood circulation and strengthens the nail.
Scratches and longitudinal grooves are smoothed out.


The advantages of the canal glass file at a glance:

  • high quality: eversharp tempered glass which won't break easily

  • hygienic & washable: surface can be cleaned under water after using it

  • areas of application: perfectly suitable for natural finger- & toenails and artificial nails

  • sustainable: pollutant-free materials and european production

  • storage case: serves as protection and is perfect for travel, on the go and at home

  • unique gift idea: make your loved ones happy with this perfect gift. Nice for birthdays, Mothers Day and other festivities